Paste based on calcium hydroxide with a strong alkaline reaction, ready for immediate use.

Contrast product for X-rays.

It is particularly recommended: 

  • for indirect pulp coverage in the treatment of deep caries,
  • to cover the pulp directly if the pulp is exposed or injured, as well as during partial or total amputation,
  • for temporary filling of root canals with periapical tissue inflammation,
  • for temporary filling of root canals with incomplete development,
  • as an insert in the tooth chamber treated endodontically after whitening its crown.

A description of the action

APEX ®  paste is a calcium hydroxide preparation with a strong alkaline reaction (pH is 12.5 ± 0.5). Properly selected chemical composition ensures rapid production of secondary and reparative dentin. The advantage of the product is primarily its long-term stimulating effect to create mineralized barriers. It also has a drying effect, which is of great importance in cases of persistent inflammatory exudates in the canal.

After placing the product in the canal, long-lasting release of Ca 2+ and OH  ions occurs . 

Product handling method

Direct and indirect pulp coverage. 
After thorough cleaning and drying the defect, apply the paste in a thin layer and allow it to dry or air dry (put the paste on the place of exposure or on the bottom of the defect near the pulp). If necessary, remove excess paste. Primer cement is applied directly to the paste layer. The primer should be applied gently so as not to dislodge the calcium hydroxide paste. 
Filling root canals
Develop the canal and then flush it with solutions commonly used to develop the canal: e.g. sodium hypochlorite and chelators (citric acid or EDTA) according to the principles of endodontic treatment, and then dry. The canal should be tightly filled (using a Lentulo needle), channel overflow should be avoided. Remove any excess paste. Close the crown defect tightly. 
When using the paste to temporarily fill the canals in teeth with periapical inflammation, it is recommended to leave the paste in the canal for 1-3 weeks. 
Insert into the tooth chamber of the endodontically treated tooth after whitening its crown
Insert the paste into the chamber, put on the wadding and seal the cavity tightly. Leave the paste for about 7 to 14 days, then remove.

♦ A condition for successful direct covering is good general health, i.e. no irreversible inflammation or general infection in the body. Also, the effects of treatment in elderly patients may be smaller due to the reduced regenerative capacity of the pulp.

♦ In the event of a direct covering of the pulp or a thin layer of dentin, any pressure caused by the product or the backing material should be avoided. The success of treatment depends to a large extent on meeting these conditions.

♦ If the pulp is directly covered, the dressing should be tightly sealed with zinc-eugenol, carboxylic or glass ionomer primer cement to prevent bacteria from penetrating the defect. This is especially important if the final filling of the defect is postponed for a certain period. To cover calcium hydroxide, you can also use quick-hardening calcium hydroxide pastes.

♦ When treating canals, it should be remembered that the canal of the treated tooth must be tightly filled with the product.

♦ Do not cover calcium hydroxide on hard tooth surfaces that serve as contact areas for the final dental material.

♦ When introducing the product, avoid getting paste into periapical tissues. This can cause irritation and even necrosis.

♦ Before performing an endometric measurement in the canal, carefully remove the paste 
from the canal. This should be done with hand tools, rinsing the canal thoroughly, e.g. with sodium hypochlorite, and then to dissolve the residue with citric acid. Crumble any hardened paste by inserting e.g. file K to the full working length.

♦ Before filling the canal thoroughly, remove the paste thoroughly as described above.    

Available packaging

Direct packaging: a syringe sealed with a stopper, containing 2.2 g of product.

Disposable needles (3 pcs) are included in the package

The storage conditions

Store in a tightly closed container at 15-25ºC, out of reach of children.