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Chloran Plus 3% is offered with a new, two-year expiry date.


Preparation for rinsing root canals, recommended for flushing teeth canals with both living and dead pulp.

  • Removes the remains of live and dead pulp during mechanical canal widening.
  • Cleans the root canal, including removal of the smear layer, to expose the dentinal tubule outlet before filling the root canal.
  • Prevents tooth discoloration that could occur after filling an unwashed root canal.

Chloran Plus 3% has a lithic effect on dead and living tissues, dissolving the organic part of the smear layer. This action applies to the main canal and side canals, inaccessible to tools. 

It has cleaning properties, whitens hard tooth tissues.

Due to the lower surface tension of Chloran Plus 3%, a more effective effect is obtained in the root canal.

Product handling method

Chloran Plus 3% should be introduced into the root canal by means of a syringe with a needle with lateral perforation or by means of sound and ultrasound devices and contra-angle handpieces, with simultaneous development of the canal.

Do not use immediately before / after rinsing with citric acid, chlorine is evolved. Do not use immediately before / after rinsing with chlorhexidine, as a brown precipitate will form. Between using other means used to rinse root canals, rinse the canal with purified water.


♦ The sodium hypochlorite present in the product is inactivated upon contact with the organic substance. To compensate for this phenomenon, the rinsing time of 
the root canal should be extended and the volume of the used preparation increased to about 10 ml, and more in multi-root teeth.

♦ To remove the product, screw the tip of the syringe onto the bottle adapter, tilt the bottle and stretch the product into the syringe.

♦ Insert the preparation into the canal using a luer-lock syringe with a needle attached in a manner that secures its separation. The cofferdam must be used.

♦ The needle should be inserted to a depth of about 1.5 – 2 mm less than the working length, so its tip should be within the apical part of the canal. The needle in the canal should not be wedged. When rinsing, drain the product.

♦ Be careful when flushing the canal and do not use too much fluid stream or apply excessive pressure to the syringe plunger. This may cause the product to penetrate to the periapical tissues and cause damage to them, manifesting as pain, swelling of soft tissues or other undesirable effects.

♦ Prevent sodium hypochlorite from coming into contact with the oral mucosa, eyes and skin through appropriate precautions and prudence.

♦ Sodium hypochlorite concentrations above 1% may be toxic to the periodontium.

♦ Hypersensitivity to sodium hypochlorite may occur during use. Therefore, it is very important to interview the patient before using sodium hypochlorite to diagnose potential hypersensitivity to bleaching agents (based on NaOCl).

♦ Use only corrosion resistant tools.

Available packaging

Plastic bottle with adapter containing 200 g of product


The storage conditions

Store in a tightly closed container,   out of reach of children.

Protect from sunlight.

Transport in an ambient temperature of no more than 7 days is allowed.

Non-compliance with storage conditions may result in damage to the packaging and fluid leakage.

Store at 2ºC to 8ºC.