Gigi Palsu Composite




Our resin posterior teeth has high wear proof(Abrasion) for the mould and shade of Pure Anterior teeth.

Masticatory function is enhanced because denture is stable even in patients who masticatory capability is small, and it can easily obtain the full balance by narrowing the occlusal surface.

Because packaging prepare economic “loose teeth”, so there is no waste.


■Full Denture, Partial Denture


●Mould:Maxillomandibular 28, 30 and 32

●Shade:55 and 56


 Posterior Teeth 1 box/8 teeth set x 14 lots(112 teeth)

 One Type Posterior Teeth (Same Shade & Same Mould) / 20 pieces x Up, Down, Left and Right 16 region(320 teeth)

 One Part Posterior Teeth Bulk / 1 bag 50 pieces per region